Advanced Internet Connections

Multi Tenant Connections

We can connect your detached cabin(s) to their own connection across the same fiber link so long as all the connections are with our ISP.

They can each get their own account/bill, Public IP,  speed allocation (bandwidth), router, and unlimited data.

We also have room based connections for motels/hotels.

Prices vary based on installation costs and chosen speeds.

Multi Tenant Connections - Router
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Family Filter

Add a family filter to your plan to enable basic filtering for devices such as limiting R18 sites to set devices, or requiring a password to access them.

We can set up filtering for you, no coding or configuring required from you, just tell us what you want.

Filtering is not 100% full proof, please always monitor the usage of your kids devices to ensure their safety.

VPN while your mobile

Don’t trust foreign companies with your data.

We can turn on the VPN built in to your router and help you connect and secure your mobile devices so even when your on the go your data is secure without sending your data offshore like many foreign VPN’s do.

Like with any VPN some hotspots you connect to may not work with a VPN enabled, we provide information on what to do if this happens.

VPN security
Cyber Security

Active Firewall

Subscribe to our active firewall to help protect your network from hackers, with a self updating list of blocked attackers, and active detection for new attackers, your network is more protected

Time Restrictions

Set time limits for your children or guests

Limit specific users to set times or set amounts of time

Some examples include:

  • Restrict by time of day
  • Set daily limits
  • Create timecodes that can be redeemed for internet access (that stop after a set amount of time)
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Access Control

Get alerts when unknown devices connect to your network

Restrict access to known devices

Easy one touch addition of new devices to the allow list

Ability for automatic addition of new devices to restricted access list
(see time restrictions above)


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